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Pentagon selects 13 Scientists to do “Revolutionary” Research

Thirteen prominent US university scientists have received research awards to advance “revolutionary” strategic scientific research, the Department of Defense announced in a news release on Wednesday.

The awards will fund advanced research in such fields as quantum information science, neuroscience, nanoscience, novel engineered materials, applied mathematics, statistics and fluid dynamics, the Defense Department explained.

“The Department of Defense named 13 distinguished university faculty scientists and engineers as the 2017… Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellows,” the release said. “Fellows conduct basic research in core science and engineering disciplines that underpin future technologies.”

“The fellowship program provides… awards to top-tier researchers from US universities to conduct revolutionary ‘high risk, high pay-off’ research of strategic importance to the Department of Defense,” Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Mary Miller said.

Bush Faculty Fellows directly share their knowledge and insights with Defense Department civilian and military leaders, researchers in military laboratories, and the US national security science and engineering community, the release added.