Home Exploration Chinese “Dark side of the Moon” landing is hilariously fake

Chinese “Dark side of the Moon” landing is hilariously fake

Why should only Americans be laughed at and taunted for decades for “landing” on the Moon on a pocket calculator?
At least, they (finally) had the decency to destroy 100% of the filmed studio footage thus leaving no shred of evidence in case someone takes them to Court tomorrow. All that work by Kubrick gone just like that.

Here come the Chinese, and these guys, just like the US, are not very good at faking things. Though we must admit, the Chinese somehow managed to make this extremely amateurish, despite having some 40 odd years on Kubrick.

Look at their Rover… makes a very short trip, spins around and booya, there is the money shot, the Chinese flag. Who is filming the Rover, a tourist?

Then, we noticed a stage line sprayed on the surface, where the Rover should be positioned for the “money-shot”.
The Chinese need to get a decent filmmaker and CGI production team from Hollywood, if NASA can hire them 24/7 so can you.