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Italian astronaut will DJ from Space for Ibiza ravers

A DJ set from space will be broadcast to thousands of Ibiza ravers from the International Space Station (ISS), with Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano spinning the decks in a truly out of this world performance.

Parmitano will make his debut as the first space DJ from the ISS’s Columbus module where he will use music “as a way of connecting across cultures,” the European Space Agency (ESA) said.

The astronaut will “speak to music lovers in Ibiza” when his set is transmitted to the World Dome Club Dome cruise filled with thousands of ravers when it is docked at the party island on Tuesday.

Before leaving Earth for the ISS on July 20, Parmitano got some DJ lessons from Le Shuuk, who knows a thing or two about performing in strange conditions after he played a set in zero gravity last year. A DJ booth has been set up in the Columbus module training area, ready for the out of this world set.