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US accuses Russia of testing anti-satellite weapon

The Pentagon has accused Moscow of testing a new space weapon, insisting that such “aggression” validates the importance of the US’s Space...

Branson’s Orbit launch fails in attempted rocket launch from 747

Billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit said a crucial test of its two-stage, orbital rocket system, designed to rival that of Elon Musk’s...

4 days till NASA sends 2 astronauts on SpaceX flight

NASA announced Friday that an exhaustive “flight readiness review” of Wednesday’s scheduled launch of a SpaceX rocket with two NASA astronauts aboard...

China to Build Gravitational Wave Telescopes in Tibet

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the construction of the first telescope called Ngari-1 was launched 30 kilometers south of the Shiquanhe settlement in...